Par Tibi Roma Nihil | Performance by Sissi @ Palatine Stadium
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Par Tibi Roma Nihil | Performance by Sissi @ Palatine Stadium

Diario di un ventre scavato (Diary of a hollowed womb) is the title of the performance prepared by Sissi (Bologna, 1977) for the Palatine Stadium, born from a suggestion that is highly connected with the activity of the artist which is that of making from anatomy and archaeology two vehicles of interpretation for her work. 

A lifelong researcher in anatomy, Sissi has implemented a method she calls “Parallel Anatomy” which consists in the study of the human body through emotions.

The ruins that are found in the Palatine Stadium, if seen from a distance, take on the aspect of a human skeleton, a supine figure. In this “skeleton” Sissi draws (with flour) the brain and the entrails, giving new life to this visionary figure. From its interior the artist will describe the characteristic like an anatomy class. Spectators will find themselves in front of an enormous drawing, partly created by time, which has modulated the placement of columns, walls and other marble ruins, partly created by Sissi, who has completed its aspect filling up the empty spaces with an unlikely organic matter.

The meeting with this ‘supine figure’ comes to the world like a finding, exactly as it happens in archaeology, yet in this case the figure is not brought back to light, it is brought back to life; a contemporary thought slowly enters an ancient abode, through her intervention Sissi explains the characteristics of this discovery, they are not scientific or technical characteristics but emotive and emotional. 

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